Bespoke process

How the bespoke process works

  • Initial consultation
    This is where we will get to know each other. Kelly will find out more about you - what your dress style is, how you met your partner,etc.
    This is also where we will discuss your ideas; please bring any inspiration pictures, fabrics or colours with you to help with the process.

    At this stage we will also discuss prices and timescales. We will also discuss your wedding day - where it is being held, when it is being held , etc to help with the designing process.
    Fabric choices will be discussed during this initial consultation.
    This consultation can be done via email if preferable
    Please allow plenty of time for this consultation as it is not something that can be rushed.
  • Second consultation
    Various designs will then be drawn by Kelly using what we discuss during the initial consultation/email as a starting point.
    You can then chose from these designs (which can be tweaked to your liking during this consultation) and fabric and laces/embellishments decided upon.
    Your measurements will also be taken at this point. 
    This consultation can also be done via email if preferable but you will need to visit Sirinadesigns before the first fitting to have your measurements taken as Kelly prefers to do this in person to ensure accuracy.
  • First fitting
    Between the second consultation and the first fitting Kelly will make a toile of your design.
    At the first fitting you will try on the toile (mock up) to check fit (please ensure correct underwear and shoes are worn or available) and design.
    Any changes to the design will be finalised at this fitting (after this there will be a charge as fabric will have been ordered and cut).

  • 2nd and 3rd fitting
    Kelly will then make your dress using your chosen fabric.
    There will then be a further 1 to 3 fittings depending on the style and complexity of the dress to check we have the perfect fit for you.
    Again please ensure the same underwear and shoes are worn or available at all fittings
  •  Final fitting
    At this stage you will check your final dress to ensure everything is as discussed.
    Payment will be made and you can take your bespoke perfectly fitting dress home with you ready for your big day.