Kelly will work with you to guide you through the process of designing your dream dress or outfit.
This includes both drawing on Kelly's past experience and inspiration alongside your dreams and ideas.

All Sirinadesigns bespoke dresses and outfits are made using individual patterns that are made to each persons measurements.
This ensures a perfect fit so you can feel your best on the day.

Sirinadesigns works on an appointment only basis.
This ensures that our meetings are done in a nice relaxed environment, so why not book your free consultation now to start the process of finding your perfect dress or outfit for your occasion.

Bespoke Process

The first consultation is free - this initial meeting can last awhile so please ensure you have given yourself enough time.
At this first meeting we will get to know each other better, discuss your wedding, your dreams and ideas.
Following these discussions designs will be drawn for your dress/oufit.
We will then go through my fabric samples to choose the perfect one for you.
Before you leave this first consultation your measurements will be taken in preperation for your pattern being made (please ensure you wear good fitting undergarments to help in taking accurate measurements.)
From this pattern a sample dress (toile) is made using a cheaper alternative to your fabric.
Any design changes and fit adjustments are then made to this toile until the dress fits you and feels perfect.
Once the fit is perfected your dress/outfit will be made in your fabric using the pattern made from the toile.
Finally 2 - 3 weeks before your special occasion you will come in for a final fitting.
If everything fits ok you can take away the outfit/dress with you.
If any final tweaks are required they will be done the day following your final fitting ready for collection.
You will collect your dress no later than 1 week before your special occasion.